The coastal strip of the Costa dos Coqueiros is also known as Costa Verde, the green coast. Alongside the sea is a dune area where coconut palms grow, and inland the gently sloping landscape is rich with tropical vegetation. Many small rivers flow into the sea, and the Imbassai–river mouth, in particular, is really spectacular. In the middle of this wonderful natural landscape you find some picturesque small villages. 

All along the coast you’ll find beautiful, wide and sandy beaches. At Imbassai, Praia do Forte and Itacimirim you can enjoy wonderful fresh fish and seafood.

The nearby village of Imbassai has a unique atmosphere. The beauty of this picturesque village is a sight for sore eyes. There are many varied restaurants, and seafood, meat and sauces of this quality and such reasonable prices is barely known in Europe.

Only 10km away lies Praia do Forte. This colourful fishing village is one of Bahia´s most popular destinations. It has a wide range of shops, bars and restaurants. Also, you might find it interesting to visit Projecto Tamar, a wildlife organization focusing on the protection of turtles. In August you could take a boat trip out on the sea to watch whales, and the conservation area of Reserva Sapiranga is very close by.

Salvador, the former capital of Brazil is a fantastically colourful and lively big city. The historical upper city of Pelourinho is a UNESCO world heritage site. The carnival, at the beginning of March, is cheerful, exuberant and energising. It's really worth getting to know this fabulous city.