4 Bedroom Villa with pool,  built from architects’ design, very close to the sea in the eco resort of Bahia, Brazil.

Welcome to Casa Splinter´s website. There are only a few places in the world that feel and look like paradise, and the coastal strip Costa dos Coqueiros in Bahia is one of them.

Although the airport of Salvador is only one hour’s drive away, the excesses of mass tourism are unknown here. The weather is phenomenal: the sun shines an average of 340 days per year, the temperature ranges between just 28 and 32 degrees Celsius, and there’s normally a cooling breeze from the sea. There’s enchanting flora and fauna and the beaches are untouched. What’s more, the small fishing villages are just as they have always been; the picturesque restaurants found there are delightful and the Bahiaanse kitchen is superb!.

Casa Splinter is situated in a spacious built but small villa park in the ecological –tropical decorated - resort Reserva Imbassai, on walking distance of the sea and the village of Imbassai.

The resort has facilities like a fitness club, a spa and tennis courts, which you may use. There is 24-hour security.